The refrigeration units of MITSUBISHI are a technological masterstroke. These units have become established throughout the world alongside stiff competitors and have now become the market leader in Asia.

MITSUBISHI already has a 100-year history to fall back on when it comes to producing and developing refrigeration and air-conditioning units in all sizes.


Since 1998, HEIFO has been the general importer of MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries Ltd. HEIFO is opening up all the advantages of MITSUBISHI units for the European region. Lots of satisfied customers – renowned names from the haulage industry and food trade – prove the flawless quality and impressive service of HEIFO.


Advantages at a glance 

HEIFO is your first choice for refrigeration units for transporters and HGVs of virtually any size or make. As a general importer of MITSUBISHI, we can provide you with:


Nosemount unit TDJ / TDJS range / TDJS Multi-Temp range

  • Direct-driven units
  • Larger cargo space due to external evaporator 
  • Multi-functional valve
  • High degree of refrigeration, even with low RPM

Nosemount unit TNW range

  • MITSUBISHI diesel engine
  • High degree of refrigeration
  • low fuel consumption by means of start-stop system

Underfloor unit TU range / TU Multi-Temp range

  • Compact dimensions
  • High degree of refrigeration, low consumption
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Low-noise

Semitrailer unit PEGASUS / PEGASUS Multi-Temp

  • Highest-performance unit of its class 
  • 19,060 watt refrigeration capacity at 0°C 
  • Low diesel consumption
  • Service-friendly construction
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